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Since there is a page about Vehicle Derek on this site I really ought to put more silly-named band-related pages up here.

My problem is I tend to ramble on and on about everything and it’s hard to get to the point half the time. Something of the history of Spunkle is actually available onscreen here in this video…

…and there is a tonne of stuff relating to gigs and flyers and posters und so wieter on the Facebook page (I figured whatever you think about Meta they are likely to stick around and therefore they are a fairly safe place to put an archive of stuff). There are a few pages on here that talk about certain releases but the full story of Spunkle is…long and rambling… I’ve tried many times to capture it all on my own but I just can’t get near it. One day maybe.

There’s almost nothing about the history of Small Machine on here, which there really ought to be, as that was a great band and the story is, well, long and rambling but kind of excellent in terms of twists and turns.

But I will try to sum up The Results here, as they were an ace band.

The Results kind of start with something of the history of Small Machine, in that Small Machine were an awesonomic band but we never recorded anything beyond a 2 track demo until the very end of our days when we released The Small Machine EP. So for most of the band’s life we would be out and about gigging all over, and no one in the audience knew any of our songs. Then we released an EP that was really worth listening to…and split up.

It has to be said too that Small Machine were also an unbelievably loud band, and more than one regular gig goer confessed to me that when we played an acoustic gig on my 40th birthday they had no idea we had such melodic songs… We were fighting either decibels, unfamiliarity or inevitability.

So when Small Machine finished and I wanted to do a new band, I was determined to get the songs recorded before the gigs. That way people might have a half decent chance of having a favourite song and enjoying us playing it live.

Thus, I decided to form The Results and at the heart of it there were a couple of core principles. The first was that some of the songs would come from my old songs right back from when I was first playing guitar. I did write some stuff at the time (2014-15) but most of the ideas were all unused stuff from old tapes and notebooks of yore.

The second was that we only had 7 strings in total. This meant the bass only had two strings, a-la Morphine, The Presidents Of The USA and (early) Jesus and Mary Chain, and the guitar only had five strings (using an open-G tuning that Keith Richards and Ry Cooder made popular).

I sang and played five string guitar, Laurence from Small Machine played drums and Immy from The Kites played two string bass.

Alas, the history of The Results is pretty short. We did the recordings (at home – don’t have a cow – see above) and rehearsed a fair bit (see below), but before we got a chance to really get going (or indeed play a gig), life got in the way. I bought a derelict house that I spent all my time renovating before I could live in it (and which I’m still trying to get just right), Immy went to university a long way away, and Laurence joined Caskets.

But even though we never trod the boards and our recording is a bit home-made, I bloody loved The Results. At a time when everyone (including Caskets) was going as heavy as possible, the-weird-tunings-that-could-not-go-low made us sound springy and spry whilst keeping the poppy-punk vibe that I wanted. The five string tuning was fun to play and kept things cliche-free, and it was great to revive old creative ideas and give them a new lease of life.

There are more Results songs than are on the “6 Tracks” EP but…I dunno what to do with them. In these days of media overload and Spotify and Bandcamp pages that are never even listened to by anyone, I decided the only place to hear “6 Tracks” was on YouTube and the No Punks In K-Town channel has given it far better exposure than I could manage with my hopeless social media skills…

Though that being said, I did use “Cray, Cray, Cray” as the backing track for an unboxing video and because it was for a Pringles Karaoke Kit it’s had over 16,000 views (but no one seems that interested in The Results…as a result).

I guess sometime I could also talk about Mister X, Big Chief Fail and Red Panda. One day maybe, one day…

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