Selected Exhibitions, Recordings and Live Performances


1991; Blackfriars, Boston, Lincolnshire
1995; Cole and Cole, Oxford
1996; Artweeks, Oxford Brookes University
1997; “SIX”, Original Levi’s Store, Oxford
1997; “New Paintings By James Davies”, Original Levi’s Store, Oxford
1997; Brookes Memorial Prize, Oxford Brookes University
1997; “Selected Works”, Museum of Modern Art, Oxford
1997; “FIRST EXIT”, Art Connoisseur Gallery, London
1997; “ICE STATION ZEEBRA”, Andrew Mummery Gallery, London
1997; Pyramid Arts International Book Fair, Washington D.C. USA
1997; “Wardrobe”, Virgin Airways V.I.P. Lounge, Heathrow Airport
1998; “3Jay”, Christchurch College, Oxford
1998; “The Electric Showroom”, Abingdon
1999; “It’s a World, World, World, World, Mad”, The Conductor’s Hallway Gallery, London
1999; “3Jay II”, Christchurch College Oxford
2000; Oxford Millennium Festival
2001; “First International Stuckist’s Exhibition”, Green Street, Oxford
2001; The Pantomime Ballet “OX1”, Oxford Brookes University
2001; “Take Away”, Magdalen Road Studios, Oxford
2002; “3jay” – X-Change Gallery, Gloucester Green, Oxford
2002; “Five Counties Open Exhibition” – Obsidian Art, Stoke Mandeville
2003; “Loop” – Saïd Business School, Oxford
2006; “See you at home 2” – Grove Lane, Camberwell, London
2006; “The Museum of Sorrow” (collaboration with Papa November) – Union Chapel, London
2007; Seven Inch Cinema #61 – Hare and Hounds, Birmingham
2008; BEAM, Oxford Artweeks
2011; I Am The Warrior, Juneau Projects
2012; “Oh Brother, Where’s Thou Art?”, Ultimate Picture Palace, Oxford, Oxford Artweeks
2018; Undercurrents Gallery, Oxford



May 1997: Spunkle #1, Spunkle Studios Oxford (tape)
August 1997: Lubetune/A Tiny Shoe, Shifty Disco Records (CD Single)
January 1998: Play Loud, Spunkle Studios (tape)
February 1998: It’s a Shifty Disco Thing, Volume One (compilation track), Shifty Disco Records
May 1998: Formless Musical Excursions Without Titles Or Scripts, Spunkle Studios (tape)
August 1998: The Buzzer, Spunkle Studios (tape)
December 1998: Where will you be this Christmas ?, Shifty Disco Records (CD Single)
February 1999: It’s a Shifty Disco Thing, Volume Two (compilation track), Shifty Disco Records
September 1999: Spunkle Autumn Tape, (tape)
October 1999: Prepared Vinyl Project, (7″ single)
October 2000: Tinysongs, Tracker EP
April 2001: Tinysongs 2, Tracker EP
June 2001: TNO, Track
April 2003: Music For DXing, (LP)
December 2004: Wunsong (track) for WunClub CD-ROM v.3
June 2008: The Autumn Tapes (LP) First Fold Records
March 2009: Live (LP) First Fold Records
February 2011: Music For DXing (LP) First Fold Records
August 2017: 20 (EP) Bandcamp


June 1988: Hands Up Live (cassette) Bonk Recordings
April 1989: Zob (cassette) Bonk Recordings
May 2001: Vehicle Derek, (CD LP) Boss Tuneage Records
May 2001: Boss Samplerage, (compilation track) Boss Tuneage Records
June 2001: Sing Songs, (compilation) Moving On Music
December 2002: Instant Singles Collection, Boss Tunage Records


March 2011: Small Machine EP (Big Machine Records)



August 1997: The Point, Oxford
September 1997: The Point, Oxford
November 1997: The Point Oxford
December 1997: The Garage, London
May 1998: Residency, Morals Bar, Oxford
July 1998: The Point, Oxford
August 1998: The Point, Oxford
September 1998: The Bullingdon Arms, Oxford
November 1998: The Point, Oxford
January 1999: Museum of Modern Art, Oxford
December 1999: The Point, Oxford
February 2000: Notting Hill Arts Club, London
April 2000: The Zodiac,Oxford
May 2000: The Point, Oxford
October 2001: The Cellar, Oxford
August 2002: The Zodiac, Oxford


7th October 2009: Nag’s Head High Wycombe
22nd October 2009: Tommy Flynn’s Camden, London
23rd January 2010: White Horse, High Wycombe
19th February 2010: Cavendish Arms, Stockwell, London
30th January 2010: The Wheatsheaf, Oxford
5th March 2010: Klub Kakoffeny, Oxford
27th March 2010: The Stocks, Abingdon
16th April 2010: Chinnor Social Club
12th May 2010: Bull and Gate, Kentish Town, London
30th May 2010: Wittstock, Long Wittenham
16th June 2010: The Port Mahon, Oxford
3rd July 2010: White Horse, High Wycombe
10th July 2010: Nag’s Head, High Wycombe
7th August 2010: Roofenstein, Ealing, London
14th August 2010: Nag’s Head, High Wycombe
11th September 2010: The Port Mahon, Oxford
17th September 2010: The Wheatsheaf, Oxford
11th December 2010: Xmastein, Ealing, London
17th December 2010: The Port Mahon, Oxford
28th January 2011: The Hope and Anchor, Islington, London
11th February 2011: The Wheatsheaf, Oxford
18th February 2011: The Cavendish Arms, London
24th February 2011: The Academy, High Wycombe
3rd March 2011: The Scala, London
4th March 2011: The Wheatsheaf, Oxford
15th March 2011: Purple Turtle, Reading
24th March 2011: The Port Mahon, Oxford
9th April 2011: Bensonstein, Oxford
12th April 2011: Purple Turtle, Reading
20th April 2011: The Wheatsheaf, Oxford
4th May 2011: The White Swan, Aylesbury
24th May 2011: Dublin Castle, Camden, London
2nd June 2011: 12 Bar, Denmark Street, London
11th June 2011: Roofenstein The Last, Ealing, London