The Cardigan

My friend sent me this video of Imogen Heap demonstrating her musical gloves

This is a good video and definitely worth watching all the way through. However, I remember Marillion doing something similar many years earlier, and so I looked that up on YouTube and sent that clip back to him for discussion.

My mate wrote back and said “Marillion’s version might appear more impressive if it was not for the terrible cardigans they are wearing which diminish the gloves in my eyes“, and this inspired me to write a poem about the humble cardigan which goes as follows.

Alas poor cardigan
Thou art not rock (nor roll)
Not even Kurt Cobain
Could make you less than droll
And even if you changed your name
By procedure or deed poll
Your drapey outer layering
Is sartorial birth control
And you will not aid musicians
Demonstrating ways to enroll
The latest space-age gestural box of tricks
For onstage heart and soul

Although you keep us warm
I do think on the whole
Dear cardigan, my wholesome friend
Thou art not rock (nor roll)

However, as I was putting this posting together I noticed that the members of Marillion are not wearing cardigans in the aforementioned clip (there’s a waistcoat but I don’t see what is so offensive about that).

I haven’t discussed this with my mate yet, but it doesn’t diminish the validity or purpose of the poem.

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