Caldecott Lake

Caldecott Lake

Milton Keynes, 21st October 2018, Ricoh R1 using expired Kodak BW400CN film.

Why post a picture like this? Big light leak on the right, processing mess, blur, lack of detail.

But…I do think there is something that all that noise is giving back to the image. It was a very bright autumn day, where it was nice to be out in a sunny afternoon, but it was so bright that I was squinting. When you are squinting you are cutting out information to try and focus down on basic details, a way to cope with an overwhelming situation.

So in some ways this “bad” image does a good job of expressing that. The squiggly reflections coming off the sun seems to sum this up for me – something that looks so perfect and precise bursting out through the lens onto the film with its autumn intensity. In this sense, the film does not lie!

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