More photography exposure

It’s been an interesting week for my hobby of photography. First of all I got featured on “Explore” on Flickr, which is a very popular page on their site. This was the image…

Cassette cyanotype

…and it is a cyanotype of a cassette. The cyanotype process is an early form of light sensitive paper that you can expose in UV light and develop in plain running water. I’ve had some of the paper for years, having picked it up in Urban Outfitters on a trip to the States ages ago, and it is still working out fine. I made this image by simply putting the cassette on the paper and putting them both in the sun for about 5 minutes, like a Rayogram. The image is flipped horizontally in Photoshop since the TDK logo came out backwards.

Then a few days later my “cameraphone” photo…


got used on the Vuze blog in an article about Android apps.

My pics are released on Flickr under a Creative Commons license which allows them to be reused so long as somewhere they are attributed back to me. So far this has worked out okay and it seemed the best idea in a world where electronic data can be re-used once it gets out onto the internet (i.e. if someone wants to use it, they’re going to, but why chase them for acknowledgement when you can just let the license look after things?).

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