Vehicle Derek on French Podcast

From the department of “looking for something else”, really, exactly what it says on the tin (okay, exactly what it says in the title of this blog post). 2nd track in, and it’s “one of mine” too 😀

They also play a track by a band with a similar name to one of our support acts, which at the time John Peel wouldn’t say on air as it was too rude. But in this case it’s almost certainly not the same band as they never recorded anything (that I know of anyway).

Sadly Monsieur l’annonceur does not call us “Voiture Dereque” which would have been fab. That was my pet name for our band when I wanted to sound sophisticated. But…it isn’t actually a direct translation. Which probably explains why I only got a C in my French O-Level.

C’est la vie, ma cheri.

n.b. if you can translate what he says then please leave a comment below. He mentions something about Boss Tuneage in there which is the label we put our LP out on. He also plays a Perfect Daze track and we supported them back in the day and I think they had some stuff out on the same label.

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