The Squier SP-10 Amplifier

Since my site is quite popular with amplifier fans, I wanted to show you this video of the Squire SP-10 amplifier, which is a little 10 watt amplifier made by Squire (who are of course related to Fender).

I thought I’d post about the amplifier because I’m going to mod this one beyond recognition, so it’s kind of a document of what this one sounded like when it was still alive (and if my modding is successful it may be even better).

Squier SP-10 guitar amplifierThis was the kind of amplifier (and it still is) that you get in “guitar bundles” and to that end to make the demonstration period-correct as it were I pairing it in this video with an Encore E1-B guitar which is also going to get modded beyond all recognition (but that’s going to be in a different video).

I play a little bit of clean and a little bit of dirty in the video. I really like the way this amp sounds clean, but I don’t really think the way it sounds dirty is very usable, because it’s just got one switch; you switch it on for over driven (or dirty or whatever) and…you switch it off. You basically can’t control the amount of gain that you get.Encore E1-B guitar

Now in some ways that’s completely brilliant, and in other ways it makes this a bit of a one-trick pony.

What I really like about this amp is its clean sounds, and it helps that the Encore E1-B (or at least this particular one) has quite a nice, clean treble-y pickup, so although it’s a humbucker, it sounds very agreeable.

Anyway, you might spot that I’ve set up a new YouTube channel for my guitar videos, so check this one out and let my terrible playing do the talking!

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