Longing for Belonging

Walking along Goree
Walking in our forties, with more than 40 years of things to share
If you and I want to share anything at all with each other
And can stand to hear about what we did before we knew each other
No one quite sounds like longing to me
Like Debbie Harry singing Union City Blue
Yearning like the Mersey with all of its memories
In your town, thousands for you, and only a handful for visiting me
Or how Bono cries out
Someone once asked me how my weekend was when I was younger
Grappling for meaning after two days of unhappy love
I could only say
‘It was like how Bono sounds at the end of “With or Without You”
When he just yells with pure emotion’ and they nodded and understood
And now all these years later I have to breathe deeply and fight back the tears
Just to type these words out in front of my eyes

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