Firefly Amplifier (and Flying V guitar)

A few years back my brother built me this little valve (tube if you live across the Atlantic) amplifier, based on the Firefly circuit. I say based as I don’t know exactly how he did it, but I know it has an extra valve in it for a boost circuit, which is what I am playing through on this video.

Paired with this old Radio Rentals speaker and Gibson Melody Maker Flying V it rocks out pleasantly and is bloody loud!

The Melody Maker V is a great guitar. It’s a teeny bit smaller than a standard V, which suits me since being 5’7″ a lot of guitars look just a bit too big for me 🙂 But it’s also nice and light, despite being all maple which can be very dense. Gibsons are traditionally mahogany bodied with rosewood fingerboards (ebony on their custom models) and a lot of people didn’t like the “baked maple” fingerboards that came with these and other Gibson models back in 2012. It plays just great for me however and feels nice and spry.

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