What a difference a group makes…

Lincolnshire 1991 Man Of Action

Here are two pretty similar images in my mind. Hardly identical of course, but they’re both fuzzy, indistinct, taken on cheap, low-spec cameras and detailing fairly mundane subject matter. They were both taken by me too and they’re both on my Flickr photostream.

The image on the left has had 212 views (and 8 favourites) and the image on the right has had only 7 views (and 1 favourite). I am constantly fascinated by which photographs that I take are popular and which aren’t. I can pretty much track it down to two things – groups, and film.

The image on the left is in 23 groups and the image on the right in only 4. Moreover the image on the left is on film, and the image on the right was taken on my Nokia cameraphone. As much as I want to believe the cameraphone is the 21st Century equivalent of the instamatic, its very digital DNA seems to render it less popular in my own Flickr world, i.e. one of pinhole cameras, old film and furry images without people in them taken by me on my travels.

I have no doubt the little Nokia could rope in the viewers if I took some pictures of a young woman in a bikini with it and posted those on Flickr, but I’ll stick to my film and wanderings and see if I can find a few more groups for it…

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