More Boss MG-10 action

My earlier posting about my modified acoustic guitar is quite popular as far as content on this blog goes, and part of that appears to be because I posted a video of me playing it through a Boss MG-10 amplifier. I’ve made other videos of this amp with other guitars that I’ve modded.

Here’s one of me playing my fablon topped Encore E1B guitar, along with a Danelectro French Toast pedal.

The little Encore guitar is pretty good for something made of MDF that only cost me £10. The video shows the upgrades I made, but here’s a picture anyway.


There’s another video here showing me playing my modified Epiphone SG through a REX-50 digital effects unit into two Boss MG-10 amps in stereo.

The SG is called Lucifer and it’s had various additions over the years, including new pickups, wiring mods and a stainless steel scratchplate. The inspiration here is John Birch/Tony Iommi, but rather than outright copy their creations I thought I’d work on the Epiphone in the spirit of their endeavours (whilst finding my own way of course).

Please take my hand

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