An Igloo’s Not The Place I Wanna Be

So, in the early 80’s I got my first reel to reel tape recorder from a jumble sale. Me and my mate were really into reel to reels. A relative gave me a reel of the Beatle’s Red 62-66 LP that they’d taped for me. When you got to the end of side two there was some weird backwards music – we tried flipping the tape over but of course you got the Beatles on that side, and no amount of fiddling about would bring the weird music into normality. Not long afterwards the ZX Spectrum arrived and I lost interest in tapes and gave the decks away to my mate.

Fast forward to 1989 and I get a “new” Sony deck from a classified ad and tape loads of weird stuff. In 1990 the tape in question is used to record a reggae jam session by “The Dubmasters”. After we’ve finished playing and listen back to the tape there is the weird music again. Once more we can’t fathom out how to make it play forwards. By 1991 the Sony deck is dead and tapes are once more forgotten.

Fast forward to 1999 and I find a reel to reel deck in a skip. With the owner’s permission I take it home. Much fiddling later and it works, but after a while I get bored (again).

Fast forward again to 2003 and one night I have a big reel session and digitise some of the tapes. Finally with the computer I can reverse the backwards tape and reveal the song. From what I can gather the tape was bought second hand and had the Beatles recorded over it by my relative. Therefore I reckon the song is from whoever had the tape before. It sounds 1960’s-ish to me, but two experts in the music of the 60’s can’t recognise the song, so one has to consider that it might be a lost demo recording by an unknown band. Googling for very obvious lyrics like “An igloo’s not the place I wanna be” reveals nothing. What a mystery…

Download the song here.

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