There’s always something alluring about a pinhole photograph. They don’t record hard facts, but if you want to capture opening your eyes after sleeping on a beach, or the line between dreams and reality, sometimes a pinhole image is the way to go.

These are all on film, mostly taken with a homemade “BiCam” which has the pinhole on the back.

This means the film is shot through the “wrong” side, resulting in “redscale” images (with a pronounced red cast). In this method of photography the latitude available with random exposures and different emulsions generates images ranging from red hot flames to dreamy earth tones.

Massive Ice CreamBeach hutsBarcelonaBarcelonaBarcelonaShelltoes
ContemplationMarigot BayMarigot BayCitroën C1Citroën C1Redscale pinhole beach
Redscale pinhole NegrescoOn the beach at BamburghJedburghSheffieldGatesheadMorley Station
Welcome To Scotland (Fàilte gu Alba)My kitchenMáquina de guerraRacing snailsFrogtimeSturmey-Archer three speed hub

Pinholes, a set on Flickr.

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