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Konstanzegraff is a project by Oxford musician James Davies (Spunkle, Small Machine, Vehicle Derek) investigating long-form, minimal electronica. Starting at the beginning of 2009, the gestation of the five tracks reflects their sonic landscape; lengthy, slow-burning and without climax.

Konstanzegraff’s style of minimalism owes a debt to the limitless purism of northern Europe but looks towards a minimalism of structure rather than sound. The elements are diverse – rhythm often comes from synthesised lines flowing in parallel with the skeletal percussion, whilst melodic counterpoints form a faded and weatherbeaten remittance. There is a sense of generosity in each ingredient, but stretched over the duration of each piece the paucity of application becomes apparent.

You get it all. There is enough. It is gone.

Konstanzegraff’s debut release is as half of volume five of the Cinque Pezzi Facili series from Under My Bed Recordings, released on December the 16th 2012. The five new songs will sit alongside five from Empty Vessel Music

Cinque Pezzi Facili Volume 5

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